Zeta Clear Review

Zeta Clear is a widely online marketed antifungal medication. Its composition is based on natural ingredients. The treatment comes in two forms It is a topical solution which comes with a convenient application brush and an oral spay The medicine is popular due to a promoted high success rate which is over 75% (considering over 20 000 patients tested all over the world). To achieve the best effect it is recommended to use Zeta Clear in combination. When used separately, Zeta Clear fails to perform great results.

How Zeta Clear works?

The manufacturer claims the medicine to possess great healing effect and to perform nail strengthening and recovery, fungi killing and clearing out, boosts nail growth. It is a homeopathic medicine featuring weak side effects and almost zero contraindications (specifically allergic responses to the components of the drug which are primarily oils). Both forms of the medicine are based on alcohol solution.

The oils in the composition are effectively used to treat various skin diseases, irritations and inflammations in traditional medicine. The concentration of oils in the composition is high. Apart from healing the nail, the oils nourish and mildly soothe irritated skin relieving itching, burning and pain.

How to take Zeta Clear?

Zeta Clear works in combination of oral spay and topical solution. Both forms should be taken at least three times per day.

Oral solution is advised to be sprayed under tongue three times a day in equal intervals. The same case is with topical solution which must be applied at least three times a day on a thoroughly cleaned and dried nail. While you can take a spray bottle in your bag and take the medicine according to the schedule, the application of topical solution will pose a certain challenge for patients as a nail must be prepared.

The manufacturer also recommends to gently pile a damaged nail before application to improve the penetration of oils and essential treating components.

Such a procedure is difficult to perform outside. If the solution is applied on a nail without cleaning preparation, then the efficacy of the treatment will be decreased.

The treatment with Zeta Clear should last at least 4 weeks. If you do not notice any result, please consult your doctor.

When and why to see a doctor?

According to the statements of the manufacturer Zeta Clear is all natural and safe medicine to be applied. However due to a prolonged treatment course (the treatment should last up to 8 months until a healthy nail will completely remove damaged plate) you must see a doctor to find out what are the potential risks for your health and which medications will interact with Zeta Clear. Due to oral spray intake a consumption of alcohol and of certain drugs may be limited.

We strongly recommend seeing your doctor and consulting on Zeta Clear application as the manufacturer claims the medicine to be completely safe with no side effects and contraindications. Still severe allergic reactions to the components (natural ingredients are known to be the most frequent allergy triggers) are sill of high chance to appear.

You must see a doctor if you have heart, kidney or liver problems or suffer from other kinds of skin infections. Pregnant, breastfeeding women as well as women planning pregnancy should not use as spray so topical solution.

When will I see the recovery?

It is a myth that a medicine can completely recover a nail damaged with fungus. The nails are not recoverable. The recovery happens when a new healthy nail replaces a damaged one.

The only possible symptom is stopping of further distortion and change of color of fungal area to normal. However if a nail is severely distorted, then none of the medicines available will fix it.

The first changes to better are commonly seen within the first 3-4 weeks of complex Zeta Clear application. The nail plate will be replaced with a new one in 4 to 8 months. It is strongly recommended to include to your nutrition useful ingredients supporting nail strength and boosting nail growth. Vitamins complex will also help.