How to treat toenail fungus

How to treat toenail fungusOn searching the web you will find thousands of pages offering TOP 10 methods, 12 do it yourself home medications, 5 easy steps to clear out fungus from your nail and many others, but do they perform any valuable information for you? Not at all. You will get much disappointed to find out that most of the treatments described do not work at all. From this review you will find out what are the effects which the most discussed antifungal treatments perform, how to treat toenail fungus and never get it back.


  1. How to treat toenail fungus – information from the web
  2. How to prepare damaged nails for treatment at home
  3. How things work for nail fungus
  4. How to treat nail fungus in the most efficient way
  5. What are forbidden methods of toenail fungus treatment

How to treat toenail fungus – information from the web

Nail fungus requires complex treatment from all sides. To quickly fight an infection you will need to take oral drugs (these are prescription medications which will be administered by your doctor) apply topical creams and gels to prevent infection from spreading and to affect it directly and to do some home remedies to cure sole and toe skin as well as to control fungi suppressing their development and thriving.

This is the best way of combining available and rather affordable treatments to get rid of nail fungus in the shortest while. Browsing the web you will find a rather controversial information about how to treat nail fungus.

Some sources advise using only home medications as they are safe and effective. Among home remedies are natural oils which you can buy over the counter in drug stores or in groceries. For example, increasing a share of olive oil in your daily diet improves the efficacy of treatment and helps to recover damaged nails faster. Olive oil is as well recommended to be applied topically on a damaged nail. Other oils which are recommended for treatment of nail fungus are tea tree oil, olive leaf extract, cinnamon oil, lemon grass oil and others.

Other resources advise to use vinegar for nail fungus treatment. We must warn you that applying pure vinegar to a nail or foot skin may severely damage or burn your skin. Remember that any damages of the skin during the treatment of nail fungus are additional entrance spots for fungal infection. It an penetrate deeper layers of nails or spread to skin tissues through the smallest damages on the surface. The matter is that fungal spores are extremely small and can penetrate a nail even through a invisible or micro-crack which can be formed in course of daily activity as for example awkward walking.

Vinegars are effective antiseptic solutions, however you must apply only diluted solution which will ensure gentle treatment. It is recommended to mix vinegar with hand hot water in a proportion 1:4 and soak your feet in the solution. If you feel you skin on feet is burning, then add another portion of water. Keep your feet soaking for at least 30 minutes, watch the water being warm enough.

You can use as white vinegar so apple cider vinegar. They both work in the same way.

You will surely find advices on soda and salt usage ensuring that daily soaking of feet in a solution with salt and soda will cure your feet and nails from fungus. However it is not true. Soda and salt contained even in the highest concentration in water will not help to get rid of nail fungus alone. You will need some additional medications to help your immune system to fight the infection.

Nail fungi are extremely resistant micro-organisms. When they are outside a human body then can survive for a rather long time. If you will treat the fungal infection only topically, then you may notice the improvement of symptoms but in a short while the infection will thrive again. In the next sections you will find out how to treat nail fungus forever.

How to prepare damaged nails for treatment at home

Preparation of nails is one of the ultimately important steps of nail fungus treatment. Fungal infection severely changes the nails. They become discolored and thickened. The thickness is explained with a dead layer of cells forming a protective barrier. This barrier prevents topically applied medications and cures to penetrate deeper layers of the damaged nail and to kill the infection.

Any treatment you will find on the web or prescribed by your doctor will require the same preparation of nails.

First, you will need to soak your feet in hand hot water. You can add home remedies into the water to add curing effect to soaking. We recommend adding soda and salt. Soak your feet in the solution or a hot water and keep them for about half an hour. After 20 minutes of soaking add liquid soap into the water and wash your feet and toes properly. Then rinse with warm water. Never use cold water right after soaking.

Hot water is a necessary condition for a nail to soften. Apply paper towel to dry the feet and toes. Take a tea spoon of soda and apply some substance onto the nail. In this case soda will be a gentle scrub rather than an antiseptic. Massage a damaged nail gently and then rinse the nail again. Such a soda massage will polish and remove an upper layer causing a barrier between medications you will apply and deep layers of the nail damaged wit fungi. You must repeat this procedure each time you are going to apply some treatment ointments or gels.

To calm the skin around an infected nail you are recommended to use rich creams or natural oils. Fat layer will provide an additional barrier for fungi to spread further.

You must repeat this procedure every time you apply some medications or you can visit your clinic to get professional care for your damaged nails. Professional care will ensure longer effect. You will need to visit your doctor once in a week.

How things work for nail fungus

Oral medications, which your doctor will prescribe you, cover a wide range of fungal infections. They will work as for nail fungus, so for mouth or vaginal fungal infections. Oral medications have a certain range of contraindications and are not possible to mix with various other treatments. Moreover these remedies are forbidden during pregnancy and breast feeding. Another case when you are not recommended to take oral antifungal drugs is liver and kidney dysfunctions. Oral antifungal cures are not recommended to mix with other drugs at all as they may perform a reaction of interaction.

As these drugs are taken by mouth, side effects are very likely: from skin reactions to nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. However Lamisil is a well tolerated drug which is not often mentioned in reports of patients. Tell your doctor you are taking certain drugs if you get prescription antifungal medications.

Soda, salt, vinegar work only as antiseptics. It is believed that fungi are not able to live in salty or acidic environment, thus such recommendations and advices are given. The truth is that to kill a nail fungi you will need to ensure a constant salty or acidic environment which will gradually kill the infection. Such applications as you can do with home remedies will only provide antiseptic effect. If you will increase the concentration of salt, soda or vinegar in soaking solutions you will just damage your skin and destroy external skin layer. And you remember that the smallest damages of skin lead to infection spreading.

How to treat nail fungus in the most efficient way

There are not only medications you can use to treat fungal infections of nails. There are also fast methods of how to treat nail fungus. These methods consider removing the nail or burning a damaged part of the nail with laser.

Many people avoid these procedures as consider them to be very painful and with a long period of recovery. However it is not true. If nail removal is performed in a professional clinic by a podiatrist, then your nail will be given anesthesia and you will not sense anything when a doctor will separate your nail and cut it off. Surgical nail removal is the fastest and the most efficient way of how to treat toenail fungus as it completely eliminates a source of contamination. The procedure takes about 15 minutes. A period of recovery takes up to 2 weeks. Your doctor will prescribe you a special numbing ointment which you will apply twice a day on an open wound and then the wound surface will lose sensitivity. Thus you will be able to put on socks, footwear and walk easily all day long. Do not forget about regular changing of dressing.

There is another surgical way of how to treat nail fungus which removes the nail chemically. Your doctor applies a specific ointment on a damaged nail and puts a dressing on. The ointment will soften and kill the nail within 7 days. You will be forbidden to wet the dressing and a damaged nail during this period of time. After that period of time your doctor will take off a dressing and will remove the nail easily. You will not feel pain as the nail will be already dead. This is an efficient but too long way of treatment of nail fungus.

Another efficient way of how to treat toenail fungus is laser correction. This is one of the careful methods of nail treatment as it cures only a part of the nail which is damaged. Laser beam is directed to a fungus spot and the beam heats this spot up to 140C causing you some pain and discomfort. One procedure is not enough to completely clear out the fungal infection from your nail so you should be ready to repeat the procedure. Apart from burning the nail and causing pain laser treatment of nail fungus has another sufficient disadvantage – it is immensely expensive. A price of one procedure per one nail reaches up to 1000$ dollars.

What are forbidden methods of toenail fungus treatment

There are lots of other methods how to treat toenail fungus which you can find on the web. But we warn you that these methods are forbidden and are not recommended as pose high risks of getting severe damages of the skin and healthy nails.

Soaking your nails and removing them on ones own. You should understand that nail removal is a surgical procedure. That is why it requires completely sterile environment. You will not be able to ensure such sterile conditions anywhere at your place. Besides nail removal without toe numbing will cause unbearable pain. This may happen that you will not be able to stop bleeding and you will still need to see a doctor. Thus if you decide on nail removal, then let your doctor do this procedure. Besides, it is not as expensive as you may think.

Using bleachers is another possible way (by some sources) of how to treat toenail fungus. It is said that applying bleaching agents onto the damaged nails will kill fungal infection and will clean out spots from the nail surface. Bleachers are not for application on human body. If you think that nothing will happen if a bleaching agent will work for some minutes on your nail, then you are absolutely right. Your nail will be all right as well as the fungal infection. There are lots of cost effective medications you can buy over the counter in your local drug store to apply to your nails and to see improvements of the conditions.

Another dangerous way of treatment of nail fungus is deep polishing of a damaged nail plate. It is believed that fungi penetrate a nail plate to a certain layer. A nail is a multilayer structure. If you will remove some of the layers (together with fungal infection) then you will get recovered. We must warn you that it is the most dangerous way of getting rid of fungal infection. First, it is the deepest mechanical damage of your nail. Second, in such a way you will be able to spread infection to deeper layers. Third you feel extreme pain.