Top 5 Nail Fungus Cures

Why toenail fungus requires careful treatment?
Toenail fungus is an infection getting deep into the nail plate through mechanical damages and cracks due to poor nail care. Toenail fungus distorts nail plate, changes its color and leads to nail thickening. The nail infection commonly lasts without symptoms, but in rare cases it hurts making it impossible to walk and hardly step on your feet. Apart from pain and unaesthetic effect fungal nails produce foul smell. Each fungal spot on a toenail is a risk to your close people who potentially have direct contact with the source of infection.

Having toenail fungus is dangerous and risky for your close people.
Toenail fungus will not disappear on its own. The disease requires complex treatment. The matter is that in most cases the diseases runs without symptoms and gets potentially dangerous for you and your family. While the infection is untreated it poses potential danger of spreading to other nails. Thus getting a fungal spot on a single nail untreated, chances are you will get the fungal infection spread to other nails and body parts.

The infection may get worse. If the case will get neglected and untreated, you will need to surgically remove a damaged nail.

Luckily, there are effective, simple to use and low cost drugs and treatments you can apply right from the moment you notice a suspicious spot on your nail which appeared not in a result of trauma. Let us review the 5 top effective treatments.


  1. Product: Zeta Clear
  2. Product: Funginix
  3. Product: Lamisil
  4. Product: Lamisil Cream
  5. Product: Sporanox

#1 Product: Zeta Clear

Zeta ClearZeta Clear is a combination of topical treatment and oral spray that kills nail fungus and assists in clearing a nail plate from yellowing and dark spots. The brand research claims that over 94% of patients get successful recovered in course of treatment. This is a homeopathic treatment which is safe for your health and almost does not have contraindications.

The ingredients of the medicine are all natural. The fluids contain oils and milk of Caribbean Manchineel tree, tea tree (being te key means of penetration into a damaged nail) and jojoba oil, almond and lemongrass oil. Each of these components is advised to use separately in traditional receipts of toenail fungus treatment. These components work as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory solutions and anti-fungal treatments. All of these components are approved by doctors as a supplementary treatment of fungal infections.

Topical liquid Zeta Clear

Topical medicine comes with an application brush. The application recommendations are three strokes of brush applied on a damaged nail three times a day. The method of application is something inconvenient as you should have the treating liquid at hand wherever you are. Missed applications will prolong the treatment.

Oral solution Zeta Clear

The oral spay contains healing ingredients into 20% alcohol solution. The oral treatment contains Antimonium crudum, Arsenicum album, Mancinella, Nitricum acidum, Sulphur, and Thuja occidentalis which perform anti-inflammatory effect, support immune system and improve inner protection to fight the infection.

Oral spray is used three times per day. The producer suggests making two sprays under tongue. However there are no specific information about the length of the treatment course. We suggest talking to your healthcare provider to know for sure for how long you can use Zeta Clear safely.

Advice on treatment with Zeta Clear

An estimated length of treatment is from 3 to 6 months. Unfortunately, this is an average period of treatment. As Zeta Clear treats not only the infection itself, but recovers the aesthetic look of nails, it takes the longest period of time.

Patients are warned against the contact of the topical liquid in the mouth or eyes. There are no more specific contraindication of usage of Zeta Clear. Patients are advised to consult their healthcare providers on possible contraindications in every individual case.

Zeta Clear is considered to provide the fastest effect on a damaged nail, the least side effects and to ensure the fastest success rate.

#2 Product: Funginix

FunginixFunginix is one of the leading options on the pharmaceutical market. The medicine is a topical liquid which must be applied regularly on a damaged nail only. Some patients warn about possible irritations if the liquid contacts the skin. The medicine contains anti-fungal components that perfectly work together with body healing processes. Most of the components are natural and are advised to be applied to reduce inflammation and irritation of skin and nail, restore the damaged nail plate and to boost nail growth and nail strength.

Funginix composition

The nail healing liquid contains:

Camphor – this substance is got from mint leaves and wood. It provides anti-inflammatory effect, anesthetic and antimicrobial action. Camphor is frequently used in traditional medicine to cure skin and nail diseases. The substance is applied topically only.

Menthol – this is a natural substance which is got from various sorts of mint leaves and mint oils. The most prominent feature of the ingredient is itching relief. Menthol relieves minor pain and strengthens the nail plate.

Tea tree oil – this component is got from the plant named Melaleuca alternifolia. It possesses antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial effect and is known to eradicate fungal and bacterial infections in the fastest way.

Rose flower oil – it is a natural extract from petals of rose flowers. The component is often used solely to treat various skin inflammations and irritations as well as nail problems. It is rich in vitamin C and retinol (a vitamin A derivative). It strengthens brittle nails and makes them grow faster.

How Funginix works?

The remedy performs first results in three to six weeks clearing out the presences fungal infection in the nail, but it performs poor effect in treating of nail discoloration.

It restores perfectly the nails with mild to moderate fungal infections. In severe cases it performed poorly. As it is not recommended to interrupt the course of treatment and to switch to another medicine during the treatment initiated with one medicine, there are no proofs that other medications would work better for these severe cases.

How to apply Funginix?

Funginix is applied on cleaned and dried nails. It is recommended to getly pile te affected nail before application of the topical treatment. The producer suggests to continue treatment up to complete recovery and clear nail plate.

Funginix is considered to be the best choice for mild to moderate nail fungus cases performing effect faster than average. Though the price is high, the treatment does not work in the long run.

#3 Product: Lamisil

LamisilWhen it comes to fungus treatment Lamisil offers two options: topical cream and oral treatment. In this part we are talking about oral treatment.

Oral Lamisil is considered to be powerful antifungal solution featuring high recovery rate. The drug is aimed at various fungal infections and works for entire body: from toenails to scalp. There are numerous warnings that people on the long term Lamisil oral treatment have got liver damages. In some cases uncontrolled treatment wit Lamisil has led to necessity of liver transplant or patient’s death. The patients with severe liver damages related to Lamisil have ad serious diseases prior to fungus treatment start.

Lamisil composition

Unlike other antifungal drugs reviewed in this summary, Lamisil is not a natural drug. Each tablet contains terbinafine hydrochloride. This explains why Lamisil should be taken carefully and why a prior consultation to a doctor is required.

Lamisil side effects

While most of the other listed drugs do not have potentially dangerous side effects, the effects of Lamisil should be estimated before treatment start.

In most cases Lamisil Oral can cause fever which is the most frequently reported side effect of the drug. Among others there are pain in the body, diarrhea, shortness of breath, feeling sick, pain in joints and limitation of mobility of joints. Among rare side effects of Oral Lamisil there are darkened urine (must be immediately reported to healthcare provider), unusual bleeding, bloody stool.

How Lamisil Oral works

It takes from 4 to 6 weeks for Lamisil to start working and to clear out the fungal infection from damaged nail. It is an average period for the drugs of the class. The first symptoms of recovery are normal nail color as well as evening of nail surface. Major distortions will still be present. However it is a myth that a drug can restore the nail plate. Any antifungal drug helps a new healthy nail to grow faster but not a damaged plate to get restored.

Patients report that it takes up to 8 months to get a damaged nail recovered. This is the longest recovery period. Average antifungal drugs ensure recovery in 3-4 months.

Lamisil Oral verdict

Though Lamisil Oral is considered to be the most potent drug to kill and clear out fungi from nails, still considering the reports of patients as well as estimating the risks of developing side effects, Lamisil Oral is not the best option of toenail fungus treatment.

#4 Product: Lamisil Cream

Lamisil creamLamisil Cream is a topical solution which works best in combination with Lamisil Oral. The topical cream is aimed at relieving such fungal specific symptoms as burning, itching, pain in the damaged toenail. The cream works as supplement for severe cases and can be used solely as a key treatment in mild to severe cases.

Warning. If you do not notice any changes in the nail fungus after three weeks of treatment, please, consult your healthcare provider and find out how to combine Lamisil Oral treatment wit topical cream.

Contraindications and warnings for Lamisil Cream

Lamisil Cream does not have as much of contraindications as oral treatment as it is applied topically only. The cream features poor penetration to the blood of the patient. The top warnings of the treatment are:

  • pregnancy
  • allergy
  • getting other treatments which you will combine with antifungal treatment
  • liver or kidney problems.
How to use Lamisil Cream?

Lamisil Cream is easy to use, however there are some warnings:

  • The cream must be applied only to washed and well dried area. It is strongly recommended to make gently piling of an affected nail to improve the penetration of the drug.
  • It is recommended to apply the cream with a sort of applicator (for example, with a cotton bud). Otherwise wash your hands immediately after cream application.
  • Avoid getting the cream on the skin.
The effect of Lamisil Cream

Patient reports say that Lamisil Cream is an effective medication performing first effects after 3-4 weeks of application. However the success rate of total recovery is below average. Lamisil Cream works best in combination with Lamisil Oral.

#5 Product: Sporanox

SporanoxSporanox is an anti-fungal drugs which is proved to be effective for treatment of toenail fungus. The drug is oral and comes in capsules and oral solution. It presents strong and fast effects, however poses some risks to the patients. There are also certain limitations in usage.

Who must not take Sporanox?

Sporanox is forbidden in patients with heart diseases, liver impairment, pregnancy and in people taking other treatments as Sporanox features a vast range of interaction medicines. The drug is not recommended in women planning pregnancy as it is still unknown whether the drug harms unborn baby.

If you are prescribed Sporanox, please, warn your doctor on every drug and healing herb you take (teas as well).

How Sporanox works?

Sporanox is taken orally according the schedule given in the instructions or your prescription plan provided by your doctor. Patients report first visible improvements in nail plate condition after 4-6 weeks of constant treatment. The complete recovery takes up to 4-6 months (according the severity of the case).

The medicine can provoke side effects, but they are rarely reported. Among most common side effects there are dry mouth, decreased urination, loss of appetite and sudden changes in the mood, increased heart beat. Warning! If you feel sudden abdominal pain, notice unusual bleeding, changes in urine color, please, contact your doctor immediately.

Final summary

Sporanox is a powerful medication posing certain threat to the patient. It is advised to consult your doctor prior than taking the drug. The risks of side effects are too high to recommend this drug for save non-prescription treatment.