Toenail problems and easy ways to treat them

Toenails are most pron to various damages and infections due to their location on human body. Common everyday conditions worsen the toenail problems. Constriction with footwear, low quality socks and shoes, excessive sweating, poor care and other factors make our toenails even more vulnerable.

When toenails look unhealthy, you feel uncertain, moreover you face limitations in everyday life. You can not wear shoes you like (for example, open toe shoes, sandals, slippers, etc.). You can not walk bear foot in public places as the risks are you will catch an infection or spread fungal infection.

If timely diagnosed most of problems with toenails can be easily treated without even visiting a doctor. Moreover we will offer you the cheapest ways of treating your nails.


  1. Thickened toenails
  2. Distorted toenails
  3. Toenail fungus
  4. Ingrown nails

Thickened toenails

thickened toenailsThickening of toenail plate commonly happens with age. It is easily explained as toenails are constantly under some mechanical impact which makes them thinner (constant rubbing and friction in shoes during walking, for example). That is why your body interprets it as a signal of spot of vulnerability and starts growing thicker nails. Thick toenails look unhealthy, they commonly lose healthy shining. If thickening is not followed with pain, foul odor, changes in pigmentation of a nail plate, then you can use one of the following methods of correction of this nail problem:

  • Soak your feet in hand hot water. If you suspect having additional problems as scratches and damages of sole or nails, then you can prepare an antiseptic solution with baking soda or white vinegar.
  • Keep your feet in water up to 15 minutes (in severe cases up to half an hour) and then dry them with towel.
  • Take a gentle file and start polishing your nails, do not apply power, polish off only the layer which is easily piled off.

Preparing an antiseptic solution for toenail problems.

Fortunately, all the ingredients for the best toenail treatment you have at home. Take one spoon of backing soda and one spoon of salt per every liter of hot water. You can find the recipes which recommend to add vinegar or hydrogen peroxide into the same solution. We do not recommend preparing such a “killer” treatment as this can be harmful for sole skin.

Distorted toenails

distorted toenailsDistortion is one of the top toenail problems people address doctors with. Distortion can point to some nail diseases as nail fungal infection or can be a result of improper footwear which constricts the feet and causes toes and toenails to lose their form.

If distortion is a result of fungal infection then you should first eliminate the cause of the distortion and properly treat the infection as it will distort your nails again and again. Read about fungal infection treatment the next section of the review.

If distortion of nails is caused by improper footwear, then you should also start with elimination of the cause of the problem. Change model of shoes are are commonly wearing or get an advice of orthopedist which shoes will better fit your feet and will not cause nail distortion.

Unfortunately, there are no ways to cure distortion apart of waiting until a new healthy and normally shaped nail will grow. It is of ultimate importance to eliminate any factors causing distortion.

Toenail fungus

toenail fungusNail fungal infection is one of the typical toenail problems which every second patient faces. The frequency of disease is easy to explain as fungal mirco-organisms are resistible to environmental factors. They can survive in severe conditions till the spores penetrate a human body and set deep in toe and nail tissues. Toenail fungal infection is easy to catch in public places as gyms, swimming pools or tanning salons, beaches and other places where a person can walk bare foot.

Fungal infections of nails are very cunning as at early stages they run symptomless. You do not feel pain, discomfort or you do not notice any changes in color or shape of your nails. Later on you can sense some foul odor, then notice black, yellow or brown spots on your nails. These are the most evident symptoms of nail fungus. The earlier you will start a treatment the faster your toenails will recover.

Toenail fungus is amenable to white and apple cyder vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Make a solution with one portion of white or apple vinegar and 4 parts of hand hot water. Soak your feet in the solution and keep for half an hour. If you feel burning, then add one more portion of water.

If you notice a severe case of toenail fungus then add topical antifungal creams or gels which you can buy without prescription and apply them to the damaged nails right after the soaking.

Ingrown nails

ingrown nailsIngrown nail is among top toenail problems which needs easy correction. Nails grow in nearby tissues when you wear uncomfortable shoes, footwear of smaller size than you need or you have problems with your spine and the body weight imbalance on your feet. Ingrown nails are a signal for you to visit a doctor and get necessary treatment (commonly physical, manual) for correction to your spine.

An ingrown nail is easily cut if you soak your feet in antiseptic solution (hot water with salt or soda).