Sporanox Review

Sporanox is one of the popular antifungal medicines killing fungal infection in the nail (finger nail or toe nail) and helping the nail to recover faster. It boosts the growth of healthy tissues and make the nail stronger. Sporanox is also proved effective against fungal infections in other parts of the body. The drug comes in capsules whih must be swallowed without splitting or chewing.

Safety of Sporanox treatment

Sporanox may cause mild side effects, but in case a patient has one of the listed below diseases or dysfunctions, Sporanox is not recommended to be administered over the counter.

The riskiest conditions when Sporanox is not recommended to be taken without prescription are as follows:

  • heart dysfunctions and diseases, stroke in the health history of the patient
  • kidney or liver diseases
  • fibrosis
  • allergies.

Sporanox is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding. You must avoid using the drug when planning pregnancy.

Also you should report to your doctor if you are taking other medicines constantly or occasionally. The drug may perform some interactions which will require medical supervision. There are not severe anaphylaxis cases related to Sporanox.

How to take Sporanox?

Each box of Sporanox contains a label indicating proper intake and dosages of the drug. The matter is that if taken on empty stomach the drug may perform some symptoms of indigestion. To avoid unwanted effects it is recommended to take the capsules after full meal with a full glass of water.

Side effects of Sporanox

Sporanox does not perform severe side effects. However, some unpleasant conditions are reported by patients. These are:

  • lightheartedness, confusion, ringing in the ears and blurred vision
  • increased heart beat
  • pain in the stomach
  • nausea
  • diarrhea
  • frequent urination.

When I will notice first improvements

Toenail fungus is a cunning disease as the fungus penetrates deep in the nail plate and destroys it from inside. Nail plate is impossible to recover. A medicine can only kill an infection, but not to renew the nail plate. That is why patients are hard to diagnose the effectiveness of the treatment.

The first symptom you will see is stop of distortion and spreading of the fungal spot on your nail. Some nails restore the color (yellowness vanishes and the nail becomes more or less of normal color).

Another symptom of effectiveness of the Sporanox treatment is pain, itching and burning relief. These effects are achieved within the first couple of days of the treatment.

The third positive evidence of success of Sporanox treatment is that you will see a growth of a healthy nail.

Full treatment course features up to 12 weeks. We do not recommend to stop the treatment in case you notice improvements. As in case the fungal infection is not killed and cleared out completely, the disease may appear again.

How to improve efficacy of the treatment

Sporanox is one of the most powerful and less risky solutions for treatment of nail and skin fungi. However it is an oral medication. As it may perform severe reaction of interaction, we do not recommend to mix Sporanox with other antifungal drugs as oral so topical. However you can improve the condition and recovery of your nails with traditional means: tea tree oil, rose flower oil, camphor, menthol. These are natural substances which work as anti-inflammatory agents. They are applied topically and do not interact with the drug itself. The application of these substances will improve the internal condition of the nail, while Sporanox will combat the infection from inside.

Final verdict

Among all the reviewed medicines for treatment of fungal infections of toenails, Sporanox presents the best price to value ratio. It features one of the highest success rate (complete recovery is achieved in 87% of cases).