Lamisil Review

Lamisil Oral is a medicine taken by mouth. It comes in two forms of tablets and granules. Granules can be used in kids from the age of 4 years to treat scalp infections caused with certain types of fungi.

Important safety information on Lamisil Oral

A sufficient number of patients report worsening of overall health condition. Particular complaints consider liver function. There are registered cases when Lamisil Oral damaged liver to the unrecoverable and remediless condition when patients required liver transplantation. There are several lethal cases known and related to treatment with Lamisil Oral.

Mind that severe worsening of conditions were performed only in patients who have prior had problems with liver. That is why it is strongly recommended to see a doctor prior to starting Lamisil Oral treatment.

Patinets who must not take Lamisil Oral

Lamisil Oral is forbidden in patients with next conditions:

  • liver diseases
  • depression cases
  • weak immune system
  • autoimmune disorder
  • pregnancy
  • breastfeeding
  • various types of allergy.

Lamisil is not recommended to apply in patients who do not have a diagnosis. Lamisil oral is effective only against certain types of fungi. Thus having your nails damaged with a resistant type of fungi you will not notice any effect.

Lamisil Oral composition

Each pill of Lamisil oral contains terbinafine. This ingredient passes into breast milk and may harm an unborn baby. That is why it is forbidden to administered Lamisil Oral to pregnant women or women planning pregnancy.

Consult your doctor whether you will perform allergy to this component or not.

How to take Lamisil oral

Any antifungal drug must be taken strictly keeping to the schedule as taking a drug irregularly will not perform effect or will delay effect in time and you will need to take the drug for a longer period.

Before starting Lamisil oral read carefully the instruction provided. Find out what is an optimum dosage for your case. If you can not calculate your dosage, please, consult your healthcare provider. You should take proper dosages of the drug as taking Lamisil in lower dosage will turn the treatment ineffective, while taking Lamisil in larger dosages may boost side effects and worsen your overall condition.

Adults should take a pill of Lamisil with a full glass of water. Children under 4 are given a dosage of lamisil with a spoon of mashed potato. Lamisil is forbidden to be taken with fresh or packed juices.

As tablets so granules must not be chewed, crashed, smashed or split. The medicine should just be swallowed.

If you miss a dosage, take it as soon as possible, but try to avoid overdosing.

An estimated treatment course is up to 12 weeks. Lamisil is not recommended to be administered for a longer period of time. If noticeable improvements are not visible in the first month of treatment, see your doctor and ask to change the medicine.

Side effects of Lamisil

Every patient should be extremely attentive to the symptoms and changes in overall condition. Any changes and worsening which are not related to the fungal infection of toenails must be immediately reported to your doctor.

Warn your doctor immediately if you feel any sort of pain in the right part of the stomach or back. Other symptoms pointing to liver damages are:

  • nausea
  • loss of appetite
  • darkening of urine
  • jaundice (excessive yellowing of skin or eyes or both).

Among the most frequently reported side effects there are:

  • changes of smell, taste and mood
  • pain in the stomach
  • the symptoms of indigestion
  • headache and the symptoms of flu.

The success rate of Lamisil oral

Lamisil oral features one of the highest success rate if applied carefully. However the risks are extremely high to take the drug without prescription. Though you can buy Lamisil Oral over the counter, still we strongly recommend talking to your doctor on proper treatment of Lamisil.

To achieve better effect it is recommended to apply oral drug with Lamisil Cream – topical solution applied directly to the spot of fungus on a nail.