Lamisil Cream Review

Lamisil Cream is a supplementary treatment of toenail fungus which is aimed at relieving local symptoms and performances as itching, burning, pain, excessive cracking which is caused with fungal infection. Lamisil Cream performs poor penetration into blood through nail plate and skin, but there is a range of recommendations and precautions on the topical usage of the drug.

When not to use Lamisil Cream?

Lamisil Cream contains the same active ingredient as oral pills – terbinafine. This component affects liver and can penetrate to breast milk or to fetus and harm an unborn baby. Though concentrations of Lamisil Cream are not very high, still additional precautions are needed in the next cases:

  • pregnancy, planning pregnancy, breastfeeding
  • being allergic to certain drugs classes
  • treating other conditions with medicines, herbs and traditional methods – Lamisil features a wide range of interactions
  • kidney, liver and heart problems.

Lamisil Cream will not damage a liver to such an extent as lamisil oral can. But additional precautions are needed. The best way to apply Lamisil Cream is to get prescriptions from your doctor.

How to use Lamisil Cream?

  • Prepare your nails to the application of Lamisil cream – be sure the nails are well cleaned (use soap) and dried (use towel). Do not apply the cream on wet nails as this will reduce the efficacy of the application.
  • Use an application stick (a cotton bud) to apply cream onto the damaged nail. We strongly recommend to apply the Lamisil Cream on an entire nail plate, which is hit with nail fungus and not only to the spot.
  • Apply a thin layer of the cream on the skin around the damaged nail.
  • Wash your hands immediately as the active ingredient penetrates better to the blood through skin.

Length of treatment course

The minimal length of the treatment course varies from 4-6 to 12 weeks and depends on the severity of the case. Follow the instructions on the label or of your doctor. Do not interrupt the course when the first improvements of symptoms are visible.

The effects

Lamisil Cream is a supplementary treatment which, when used alone, performs minor effect. That is why it is recommended to be taken in combination with oral pills.

If applied alone to the mild to moderate cases of toenail fungus, then the first results of treatment should be noticed as least in 5-6 weeks of treatment. If mixed with Lamisil oral you will notice first results of treatment in 3-4 weeks.

Lamisil Cream will prevent fungus from spreading over the nail and stop further distortion. Unfortunately, none of the existing medicines is able to recover ad reconstruct the nail plate. It takes up to 8 months for a new healthy nail to grow.

Do not worry if you do not see the changes to better within the first weeks of treatment. The drug works differently in every case. Visit your doctor if you do not notice any changes to better within 6 weeks of treatment. This means that Lamisil in ineffective in your case and you need another type of treatment or a combination of Lamisil with oral pills.

Side effects of Lamisil Cream

Lamisil Cream is not as severe and aggressive as Lamisil oral. It is a supplementary treatment which relieves local symptoms however some side effects are still possible. We strongly recommend to see a doctor in case you will notice:

  • sudden severe depression
  • flu symptoms without flu
  • changes in heart function, shortness of breath, flashes
  • cough and fever
  • increase of appetite
  • symptoms of indigestion
  • headache.

Final verdict

Lamisil Cream is an optimum solution for mild to moderate cases. For severe cases of toenail fungus it is strongly recommended to combine the treatment with Lamisil Oral. Side effects of this topical solution are not as severe as of oral pills. Still it is better to get approval for the treatment from your healthcare provider. Use Lamisil Cream with care and track the changes in your overall health condition.