Home remedies for toenail fungus

home remedies for toenail fungusToenails are more frequently hit with nail fungus than fingernails due to certain physiological and environmental factors: location, mechanical damages, poorer care than for finger nails are those factors contributing to amenability of toenails to fungal infections. That is why you should know about home remedies for toenail fungus to be able to take immediate necessary actions.

Fungi are extremely dangerous micro-organisms reproduced with spores and being able to penetrate a human body through the minimal entrances. Thus a small scratch or crack of a toenail resulting from tight shoes, awkward move of foot or dropping something heavy on a foot become a perfect entrance for small spores. Unlike bacterial infections fungal spores feel themselves rather “comfortable” in the spot of entrance and do not spread quickly over nearby tissues. That is why it is very hard to diagnose toenail fungus from at the earliest stage of disease.


  1. Why toenail fungus is so hard to treat?
  2. What are pros and cons of home remedies for toenail fungus
  3. Which ingredients can serve as toenail fungus remedy?
  4. What should I know about toenail fungus home remedies?

Why toenail fungus is so hard to treat?

When a fungal infection penetrates a nail, a patient does not feel any symptoms, as well as in a few weeks. The only sign of presence of fungal infection in a nail can be a small spot on the nail which can be also interpreted as a spot after nail trauma – common nail discoloration. A fungus is possible to notice only when a damaged nail performs some changes as thickening, distortion, smell, pain, discoloration, crumbliness, etc. Fungal nails due to severe distortions can also grow in the soft tissues of a toe causing inflammation, redness and acute pain in the moment of physical load. All of these symptoms point to neglected cases of toenail fungus requiring complex treatment. From the next section you will find out which home remedy for toenail fungus is the most effective and how to treat toenail fungus at home.

What are pros and cons of home remedies for toenail fungus

Suspecting a fungus on your toenail, you may want to avoid visiting your health care provider and to try home remedies.

Toenail fungus home remedies are perfect way to treat or add treatment prescribed by your doctor. As all home remedies are topical thus serious side effects are eliminated. But some of the remedies we will tell you about are simple foods or food supplements. If you include them into your daily diet you will notice improvements in the shortest while. You do not take anything by mouth, you do not use toxic ingredients to harm your health. Though some patients report irritation after certain solutions, still these recipes are the only way to clear out fungi from your damaged nail and to make a new nail to grow fast. Moreover you will notice that other toenails will become stronger and healthier in a while.

Home remedies do not only work against existing fungus, they are perfect preventive means which help you to eliminate disease.

What are the pros of applying home remedies?

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Faster recovery and nail strengthening
  • Availability
  • Effectiveness.

Toenail fungus home remedies are a great mix of the best features prescription and non-prescription drugs ensure as well as medical procedures.

Which ingredients can serve as toenail fungus remedy?

If you suspect to have a nail fungus, do not panic. Before visiting your doctor we adivse you to open your kitchen cabinets and look for the next ingredients which you can use to reduce toenail fungus and relieve the symptoms.

Olive leaf extract

Olive leaf extractOlive leaves extract is a magic substance contains fatty acids, vitamins and curing elements that heal nails, skin and hair. This component is used as in traditional recipes so by world’s leading beauty brands and cosmetologists. This component is known for its rejuvenating, recovering and healing features. Moreover there are dozens of medical tests and researches proving the olive leaves extract can really kill viruses, fungal spores, bacteria in the tissues of human body providing healing effect.

The extract of green olive leaves is known to be effective against protozoa and fungi of candida and tinea class. The extract controls the population and kills active “live’ micro-organisms preventing the disease from spreading. The extract is able to penetrate to the deepest layers of nails and skin thus being able to reach fungal spores causing an infection. By the way, not every prescription medication has the same penetrating ability as this toenail fungus home remedy.

Neglected fungal infections are commonly complicated with bacterial infections. Olive leaves extract copes perfectly well with both sorts of micro-organisms.

The healing properties of olive leaves extract depend on its quality. That is why we do not recommend to save on the extract. Buy only natural pure olive extract. Rad carefully the label on the bottle: if it contains something else apart from extract, then you should avoid this product as it is not natural or low quality.

How to use olive extract as toenail fungus remedy?

Olive extract is used in three common ways: taking by mouth, applying directly to a damaged nail, adding to antiseptic solutions. You can apply extract in all three ways to fasten the treatment.

Taking olive leaf extract by mouth you should start with minimal dosages being a table spoon twice a day before meals, for example, before breakfast and before dinner. Being a powerful detoxifier olive extract can cause some discomfort in your belly as it boosts metabolism and clears toxins our from your body. If you feel discomfort and experience such side effects as vomiting, nausea and diarrhea, then stop taking or reduce a dosage to one time intake.

Applying olive leaf extract right on a damaged toenail is a perfect way to reduce the presence of fungus on your nail plate and to avoid side effects which may occur when taking this home remedy for toenail fungus by mouth.

How to apply olive extract on toenail?

Olive extract is applied to a fungus damaged nail twice a day in the morning and in the evening. Wash and dry your feet and toes properly. Wipe a damaged toenails with a paper towel and run a drop of olive extract right into a nail. Do an easy massage. In order to ensure deeper penetration of the olive extract into the nail you can do soaking in hand hot water. It will soften a dead layer of nail plate and you will be able to remove this dead layer with a gentle file.

Fungal nails commonly grow thicker and home remedies for toenail fungus are harder to penetrate to the deepest layers of nail plate where fungi spores can be. That is why regular cleaning will help to improve the efficiency of all medications, cures and remedies which you may apply.

Adding olive lea extract into antiseptic solutions will treat not only a certain toenail, but feet skin and cuticles. Add a teaspoon of extract into a solution. Natural extracts are known to increase penetration ability when applied warm or heated.


ProbioticsYeap, this may sound odd, but without right bacteria in your stomach and body bad ones will dominate, suppress your immune system and it will not be able to control any disease. As fungal infection is caused with parasites, it will dominate in the first instance. Besides, weakened immune system leads to weakening of skin, hair and body. The aging processes speed up.

If you do not want toenail fungi to spread and thrive uncontrolled, then enrich your diet with probiotics. Lactobacillus bacteria are known to produce certain components which are known to take control, kill and clear out not only bad bacteria, but protozoa, fungi and viruses from the human body. Candida fungus and toenail fungus are known to be ultimately susceptible to the action of Lactobacillus bacteria.

You will find numerous over the counter food supplements containing Lactobacillus bacteria which will back up your immune system and will help to fight viruses, bacteria and fungi from your body.

Women will additionally benefit from taking Lactobacillus bacteria as it will help to restore or normalize vaginal flora and will eliminate discomfort caused with Candida.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a well known toenail fungus home remedy effectively clearing out fungi from your nails. The vinegar is used in different combinations. It can be applied directly on a damaged toenail, but we do not recommend you doing such applications as apple cider vinegar is a high concentrated substance which can cause a chemical damage of nearby skin.

How to use apple cider vinegar as toenail fungus home remedy?

Apple cider vinegarApple cider vinegar works well against all cases of toenail fungus: either at early stage or at neglected one. You can use the vinegar as topical application. As using pure vinegar is not recommended then you can mix the component with water and Epsom salt in the next proportions:

take one cup of apple cider vinegar, three cups of hand hot water and one half of a cup of Epsom salt. Mix all the components and soak your feet for at least 30 minutes. If you will feel that your feet burn, then add another portion of water into the solution. The longer you will keep your feet in the solution, the better and faster effect you will notice. After soaking wash your feet with warm water, dry them clean, wipe a damaged toenail with paper towel and apply a drop of apple cider vinegar onto the damaged nail surface and rub it gently in.

It is also recommended to drink apple cider vinegar daily as it is a potent detoxifier and helps to eliminate bad bacteria and fungi from your body. It helps to strengthen your immune system. If you have ulcer, you must not take vinegar as it is. Add a few spoons of vinegar into hot water, mix it with sugar and drink as a sweet cocktail.

Baking soda

Baking sodaBaking soda is another great ingredient you can use as one of the effective and available toenail fungus home remedies. Soda alone does not work on fungi, however you can apply backing soda directly on damaged toenail and gently scrub it polishing the surface. In this case soda will work as cleansing substance which will remove a dead layer preventing useful and healing ingredients to penetrate deeper into the layers of a damaged nail.

One of the known recipes containing backing soda is a mixture with borax powder. This mixture will effectively kill the bacteria, fungi and viruses on your skin and nails. To make a toenail fungus remedy you will need a portion of baking soda, the same portion of borax powder and some water to mix these components into a paste.

We still recommend soaking your feet and damaged toes especially in hand hot water and then apply any home remedies for toenail fungus to improve their efficiency. However some patients report this mixture to work greatly even if it is applied on just wet feet and toes.

Borax powder is banned in many countries, as it is toxic for your body. That is why, you need to estimate the risks and goals of application of such a mixture.

However soda works well on fungal nails alone or with salt. Just make a concentrated solution from hand hot water and equal parts of soda and salt. Soak your feet and then take a small portion of soda and gently rub damaged nails. In this solution soda and salt work as antiseptic ingredients.

What should I know about toenail fungus home remedies?

Though toenail fungal infection home treatments are safe, they can do some harm to your body, especially if applied wrongly. We recommend to apply all the mentioned ingredients only topically to avoid some unwanted reactions from your body.

None of the available treatments will be effective if it is not systematic. Whether you take antifungal pills or apply topical gels and creams or use some home remedies to clear our fungal infection from your toenails, you need to apply the remedies and medications regularly. Fungi as any living being can accommodate and adopt to the way your body fights them. Thus as bacterial infections fungi can develop resistance to the action of medicines and remedies. To boost efficiency of every mentioned method of fungal infection treatment you need to do applications regularly for a long period of time. Only then you will notice positive changes and finally will get rid of fungi from your nails.