Sporanox Review

Sporanox is one of the popular antifungal medicines killing fungal infection in the nail (finger nail or toe nail) and helping the nail to recover faster. It boosts the growth of healthy tissues and Read More

Lamisil cream

Lamisil Cream Review

Lamisil Cream is a supplementary treatment of toenail fungus which is aimed at relieving local symptoms and performances as itching, burning, pain, excessive cracking which is caused with fungal infection. Lamisil Cream performs poor Read More


Lamisil Review

Lamisil Oral is a medicine taken by mouth. It comes in two forms of tablets and granules. Granules can be used in kids from the age of 4 years to treat scalp infections caused Read More


Funginix Review

Fungix is a natural composition produced by Sisquoc Healthcare to treat and recover nails hit with fungus. Funginix is one of the safest anti-fungal medications though containing high concentrations of oils and natural extracts. Read More

Zeta Clear

Zeta Clear Review

Zeta Clear is a widely online marketed antifungal medication. Its composition is based on natural ingredients. The treatment comes in two forms It is a topical solution which comes with a convenient application brush Read More